Sunday, 19 August 2012

Storms and Flowers and Snow …

Hello Everyone,

I didn’t think I’d ever get back here; the last ten days have been fraught! Computer issues kept us on the hop and working round the clock.  All resolved now, although this site, like the others, needs some TLC.

Snow on Cape Mountain
So without further ado, here’s the report from our patch of Africa.  As I type, I can hear the stormy sea and the Cederberg Mountains to the east, about 28 miles (46 kms) are covered in snow. Yesterday was a brilliant day, and in the sunlight, the mountains were as bright as neon-lit icing on a cake. Our satellite tower is at the foot of those mountains, 11.2 miles away (18 kms), in a little village called Aurora.

A Field of Orange Daisies
All the wild squalls, the full moon and the proximity of spring has caused really high tides. The beach was non-existent yesterday as angry waves pushed kelp, mussel shells and assorted rubbish far beyond the common high tide mark into the bushes on the edge of the green belt. Despite yesterdays’ sunshine, today is back to grey skies and chilling wind, the Cape of Storms living up to its name.

White Daisies with Purple Centers
With all the rain, the flower season, which actually has started already, should be a dilly this year. Already there are flowers coming out that I haven’t seen for years. By the end of the month, we should be living in a painting, that is if we have sun! These flowers need sunlight to open and are best from about ten in the morning to four in the afternoon as they turn their faces to follow the sun. The first of the season to show themselves are these beautiful white daisies with deep purple iridescence in the centers and bright orange daisies with dark centers. We’ll try to get some more pictures up here as the different types come into flower… 


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