Monday, 6 August 2012

African Beauty…Taking the Mud?

An elephantine answer to the difficulties of skin care.  And I bet you thought the Spa was a luxury?

Whatcha Lookin' At?
Are they onto something here?  Go figure! Mud packs, baths and treatments were “secrets” of Egypt, Rome, the Americas, Europe, India and Africa down the ages.
Here in Africa, winter is getting ready to leave, maybe?  It’s been a grim one this year but you people on the other side of the world have had a really extreme summer to contend with.  Every time I check on the weather seems there’s another report of devastating wildfires or bad droughts.

Takin' a Shower
But you know that, so let’s get back to the beauty business, in a big way, Elephant style. Skin care is a huge priority in extreme climates and the elephant is an expert. They love to play in mud and water and then let the mud dry on their skin.  This makes an excellent sunscreen and also protects sensitive elephant skin from attacking insects. Plenty of water is essential for good health too; depending on air temperature and available moisture in the accessible food, elephants can drink anywhere from 190 liters to 250 liters of water a day.

We're Going to Take a Nap
Elephants know that air conditioning can be terribly dehydrating and tend to stay away from skyscrapers, shopping malls and polluted cities.  They shower often, spraying themselves with their built-in hand-held showers (err…trunks) and use natural fans (their ears) to keep cool.  After the shower, an elephant will often scoop up dirt with her trunk and spray herself with a fine coating of dust. When all else fails, an elephant knows a brief nap in the heat of the day is very revitalizing. 

Maybe Add Some Moisturizer
Elephants need water for their skincare, but more importantly, its also good for morale, yours too. So make some time to play. Enjoy your water therapy, it's not just about being as fast as possible...

Thanks to Wikipedia for additional images 


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