Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Poaching for Dummies…

In South African news reports this morning; the Rhino mascot of an Eastern Cape game reserve was attacked by a poacher over the weekend. 

Eastern Cape Grasslands
The rhino, named Barendina, was left mutilated on the lawn in front of the lodge, after having both horns sawed off. The remains were found Monday morning by one of the owners.

“The damage is significant, there is no hope of rehabilitation” and will have to be replaced, said co-owner Johan Lottering.

The thief had broken into the lodge’s pub and enjoyed a high-volume drinking session…perhaps this explains why he went to the trouble of removing the horn from a fiberglass rhino!

Rhino Close-up

Is this a new trend in poaching activity? With the *real-deal* becoming more and more scarce, will poachers now turn to fiberglass substitutes?

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; 
                                  we borrow it from our children."  
                                                   ~ Native American Proverb


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