Monday, 9 April 2012

Explore Africa...

Imagine what life was like for early explorers facing very real dangers and unknown challenges. Plenty of written material is available and there are loads of books from every decade since the Scramble for Africa began; both fiction and non-fiction, entertaining or academic. Then along comes technology, adding more to the virtual experience with live webcams and continual updates, keeping on top of the topics…ermmm, so to speak.  

Africa -1813

And there are the modern day adventurers and explorers; hardy, dedicated individuals who trace the steps of the famous men (and women) who went before. 

Explorer on Lake Tangynika

The two who immediately spring to mind are Kingsley Holgate and Julian Monroe Fisher; Well-known explorers and adventurers who are currently involved in African expeditions. KH is South African and JMF is based in the UK and both are Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society.

Africa - 1827

If you go to the links here, you’ll be able to read about the latest expeditions as well as those that have been completed – there’s some fascinating stuff there.  Find out more about Kingsley Holgate, colourful modern day explorer, humanitarian adventurer, author, TV Personality and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, at these links; Kingsley Holgate and Outside Edge.

And for more about anthropologist and modern day African explorer, Julian Monroe Fisher, go to his website to read about his five year - seven expeditions - Ethnographical research project, deep in the heart of Africa. Known as ‘The Great African Expedition’, Fisher will conduct a 21st century Ethnographical documentation of specific regions of Africa related to the 19th century Victorian age of exploration.
Did you happen to notice how many more spaces were filled in the fourteen years between the first map and the second?

Enjoy the links; I’ll be back with another African Folktale next time…


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