Friday, 10 February 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side…The Wrap-up!

What went wrong?

What the Rivers Look Like
Quite simply, nothing! A beautiful day and an experience not to forget…One of the reasons that we hadn’t gone to The Kruger National Park long before; was the very incorrect perception that it would be like an overcrowded zoo. Growing up around wildlife in a natural setting, you feel that maybe the public facilities of a National Park can’t hold any appeal…Way wrong!

Emerald Spotted Wood Dove
The remarkable atmosphere is really the stage for the animal characters. The heavy, gentle, heat with its resultant stillness is one aspect but how? Every bush, shrub, tree or patch of grass is alive with, well…life!  Birds, snakes, lizards, dung beetles, caterpillars, termites and more and more again; how is it that they are all so motionless?  There are birds everywhere, but even their calls are subdued…until the heat starts to fade and in the slightly cooler air, everything leaves somnolence behind.

Lilac Breasted Roller
These are a couple of extra photo’s that I couldn’t squeeze in attractively during the week.

All this wild-ness is only a short drive from the very busy provincial capital (Nelspruit) and a couple of hours from Johannesburg! Africa, more than any other place, has this juxtaposition where nomadic pastoral lifestyle meets the 21st century… In Kenya, you can watch jets landing at Nairobi Airport from a Land Rover while viewing wildlife in the adjacent game reserve and similar contrasts occur all over the continent.

Southern Carmine Bee-eaters

If you are reading this from cold and snowy Europe, stay warm, stay safe. I hope you've enjoyed this series. Wherever you may be, have a great weekend.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the last two photo's.


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