Saturday, 14 January 2012

WordPress…I Slay the Lion…

I can get myself into tricky situations!  There were times over the last eight days or so where I seriously doubted my sanity. I mean, every kid over ten can build their own website – so what was I trying to prove? 

For my purposes and to tell a good story, M and I assigned our own hall-of-fame status to five top website platforms out there, and WP became the lion.

King of the Beasts

I wasn’t even sure that my antiquated old PC would survive but it did and this post proves I’m still here. 

And the men in white coats never even appeared in my neighborhood, so looks like the heat’s off. 

Coolest of all? I hand-built my first website, by myself and I’m waaaay over 14 - so take that, all you junior, internet geniuses.

If I can do it, then anyone can! This is a written guide – complete with pictures - that I hoped would help everyone from babies to baby-boomers build a website…assuming they need and want one. 

This new site was built on the WordPress CMS platform. I started with a blank slate – a new domain – and hand-built it through 1 & 1 Hosting, deliberately taking no shortcuts or CMS handouts.

The saga unfolded on our tech site – MozimaxWeb - under the WordPress tag. There were eight entries in all, detailing the necessary steps to build a website from scratch. 

I had something to prove. Our sons have their own web hosting business in the UK. Mom was going to prove baby boomers can do it too. I wrote each entry as I did the steps in sequence. 

It was all included, from registering the domain to setting up a MySQL on the server. Setting up the FTP account was next so that the files could be transferred from my computer to the web host in order for WordPress to access them.

When the FTP account was good to go, I had to download an FTP program to my computer and I chose FileZilla because it’s free. 

Imagine the total bliss when I clicked the “submit” button and the WordPress screen popped up to run the install. But that was nothing – nix, da nada – compared to seeing the next window open – SUCCESS!

The high from that little accomplishment lasted until the following week when I had to start the whole procedure all over again with Drupal. 

But that, my friends, is another story. To see my new beginnings, please go to



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