Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Elephants Crossing the Chobe River…

The project I wrote about here is almost ready to be revealed. Along with the completion of this particular venture, exciting possibilities have appeared; prospects that cannot go unheeded and I’ll be sharing more of these new paths before long.

Elephant - Zimbabwe
Sitting here, very close to the southernmost tip of Africa, the elephant doesn’t feature much in our local wildlife scene anymore.  Back in the day (Oh, about 300 years ago) there were many elephants in the Cape.  Human expansion over centuries has almost eliminated elephants here, and today there are only a few known specimens of Cape elephants living near Knysna and Addo in the Eastern Cape.
Elephants Crossing the Chobe River - Botswana
Fortunately, for us and the elephant, there are other parts of Africa more tempting for elephant habitation… here’s a glimpse of what life can be like if you’re an elephant, without pesky humans plowing up the natural bush, paving over the savannah, sticking buildings everywhere and just generally getting in the way.  

Uluguru Mountains - Tanzania
Imagine, having a whole slice of river all to yourself – and your other twenty or so relatives.  Mind you, if I had a choice, I’d pick this lovely pool and these pretty little falls in the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania… Mmm, and not so much family; at least not to bathe with!  Imagine, after the heat and dust of the plains below, this is waiting...

Anyone for a Swim?

The picture of the Chobe River is too small - I have purposely selected "large" for these photos so that you can click on them to see the elephants (and the scenery) better.


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