Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Otter Ferry Comeback Kid?

Scotland-Otter-Ferry-Jolly-Otter-Shop~ The first day open ... third of March and all snowed up ~

I can’t believe it’s been so long! When I last posted, I knew that entries would be scarce; few and far between, but I never realised it would take so long to get back. This is really like starting over and going through my links in the sidebar, I see there’s a lot of “housekeeping” to be done

Otter-Ferry-Inside-Shop -1~~Major cleanup work done -just painting & decorating to go.~~

Woodendollars, the bricks and mortar store is open! Has been open for a month but it’s been a slow start. With weather, tax season and other events (both planned and unplanned), the estimated couple of weeks has turned into nearly two months?

Otter-Ferry-Inside-Shop -2

~~~~~~~~~~ Almost there - Still too empty! ~~~~~~~~~~

For the friends and family who justifiably think we’ve dropped out completely and for those of you who may still wander by, I’m going to chronicle the process with some pictures ‘cause you know they’re worth a thousand words.

Otter-Ferry-Inside-Shop -3~~~~~~~~~~~ Starting to look like something? ~~~~~~~~~~

I’ll hopefully get this place cleaned up a bit, organise the categories better and fix all the links too. Wow, it’s good to be back!


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