Thursday, 19 July 2007

Another View of the Loch…

For the last month, I have been working at a little restaurant, fifteen miles up the loch, commuting to and fro along the single-track road I wrote about here. The drive is beautiful, the scenery breathtaking and I count my blessings that I live and work in such a lovely place. Driving to work in the mornings I see some of our neighbours on the way; a red deer doe, in an open meadow, stands watching me as I drive past. A bit further on, there is a twenty or thirty yard section of the verge that is both playground and pantry for a group of rabbits. One of the last characters on my journey is a magnificent pheasant cock (just like the one below) who spends every morning on a certain section of old stonewall; he is so punctual that if I don’t see him, I know I’m either too early or too late! There are many others, but these ones are notable for their consistency.

It’s been interesting… finding myself back in the ranks of the workforce; jobs are few and far between out here. When I heard about this position, as a chef, I was disbelieving…the hours are so good and the situation so pleasant that I had to give it a shot and I’m enjoying it immensely! Perfect fit, I guess!

There’s no doubt about it, the transition back to working woman hasn’t been all smooth; my blog, for one has suffered while I adjusted to my new schedule, but one month on I am getting on top of the new hours. Having a husband who is willing to get to grips with thorny issues like dishes and bathrooms is absolutely recommended but M has taken this role to another level altogether! I’ve had new curtain rods installed throughout the house and the curtains all hung (first week), a steam cleaned and streamlined kitchen (second week), a re-designed and re-decorated bathroom (third and fourth weeks) and all accomplished in between M’s usual workshop, garden and internet tasks…now we just have to finishing editing all our photo’s and I will update with the happenings here at Otter Ferry!


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