Wednesday, 6 June 2007

They’ve Gotta Be Kidding…Right?

I’m not a controversial sort of person, I don’t involve myself in politics and avoid inflammatory subjects generally but this is too much!

This is the winning logo for the 2012 Olympics to be held in London! Is it only me, or is this seriously UGLY, never mind does it qualify as good design?

I have so many questions for the people responsible for this choice. Have they thought that for the next five years, everyone in the UK, visitors and residents alike, are going to be bombarded with this image ad nauseam? And what does it say about British design? As a long time anglophile, I’m embarrassed by this shoddy example of UK talent, never mind UK style. Look how many years it has taken for British cuisine to recover from the terrible reputation gained during post war shortages (WWI and WWII). Come to think of it… has it recovered yet?

Sometimes the pursuit of the trendy and avant-garde stomps all over good judgement, good taste and national pride. Why couldn’t we have something stirring, inspiring even, something to unite the masses with patriotic fervour? OK, asking too much; how about something just nice to look at? Like this one...

Even the BBC was asking viewers to vote for their favourite out of the five designs short-listed.
See some of the other logos here. The debacle continues with revelations that footage created for promoting the 2012 Olympics can trigger epileptic seizures! For more of the latest stories just go to the link above.

Many thousands are now calling for the logo to be replaced, so maybe this inappropriate choice is accomplishing one thing … uniting the nation?

So, it’s not just me … whew!


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