Monday, 7 May 2007

I’ve Been Tagged…


Jessie LaVon, over at Purple Cucumbers Folk Art has tagged me and now I have to tag my favourite five blogs here. Thanks Jessie, you’ve tagged some very talented people and I’m humbled to be included in such good company.

Jessie is one of the bravest, friendliest people I’ve had visit my blog; she had an AVM a while back and uses her colourful paintings as a means of capturing and recording her memories. She also hosts fun things like her recent ’Porch Party’ and is currently running a swap, so go on over to Purple Cucumbers to read more about her and see her real southern folk art.

I am totally incapable of singling out five blogs from my favourites, which are all the ones in my links on the right. They are absolutely the best and are always great to read. What I am going to do is tell you a quick story of how I went moonlighting at Co*ntry L*ving’s website and for a short time, tried to write two blogs.

For my birthday this year, I was given a subscription to my favourite magazine…Co*ntry L*ving. While going through my first edition, I saw that they had just started a website and were inviting readers to participate. The magazine was looking for a new columnist and dangled this 'carrot' to encourage would-be bloggers. Typically, I thought GREAT and jumped right in, not even pausing to consider I had an armful of unfinished paintings, a website to finish and a blog already to keep me busy. I lasted almost three weeks. Blogger is a delight to work on, quick, and user friendly and pretty much self-explanatory. The CL site was for me (techie dinosaur that I am) an absolute nightmare…but there were so many fabulous, funny people writing there!

It soon became clear that I’d over reached and I stopped posting and then had to catch up with some of my real work. When I went back to CL to visit, I discovered there had been some cataclysmic problem with the competition and all the best and brightest had left for pastures new. Fortunately, on a farewell post on one of their blogs, I found a link to where they’d gone… Children, Chocolate and Wine. This is really a directory and bulletin board of the ex-CL bloggers…the names on the right hand side there will take you to the individual blogs. And in the meantime as a taster here are four of these new blogs I am currently reading:

Dear Diary

Her On The Hill

Exmoor Jane


The rules of the tag are as usual; each one of the 'tagged' must, in turn, pick five of their favourites to tag on their blogs.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I have!


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