Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award…

For several days I have been trying to work out how to put links into my blog entry and the reason for this is the Thinking Blogger Award. I was nominated by Horizon over at Message in a Bottle (see link in sidebar)! Very humbling, considering that she was the original inspiration for this blog of mine in the first place! ‘Message in a Bottle’ is so special because Horizon is warm, friendly, funny, informative and she knows all the techno stuff and has links that work and videos too!

One of the conditions of the Award is that each person chosen must in turn nominate five of their favourites. This was a real conundrum for me; with so many brilliant Blogs, how does one choose? I was partly helped by the fact that others had already nominated some of my choices and this narrowed the field down a bit. The five I have chosen all have their own distinct merits but there are so many I would have chosen because you are all so good. I still haven’t managed to master the insertion of live links into my text but I have updated my favourites in the side bar so everyone I mention can be found there. I know it’s a bit of a pain (I’m very sorry –I’ll get some help soon, I promise) but go and have a look, you’ll be glad you did! I’ve had to come out and stop lurking on some blogs just to do this…I run out of time to comment but always mean to get around to it sometime.

Here, in no particular order, are my selections. All of these bloggers are exceptional, very different from each other but inspirational none the less. Remember, due to to my embarrassingly inept technical skills, the link to each blog is to be found in my list of Brilliant Blogs on the right.

The (French) Mountain Dweller - She and her French husband are running his family farm almost single handedly and are facing tremendous challenges, with guts, humour and good dose of panache!

Silver Apples of the Moon – Tara is a talented American illustrator and artist who manages to juggle her demanding life and numerous deadlines and still find the time to encourage others. Visit her blog and check out her new series of books.

Arty Fartying Around – Suzi is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She is also an artist and takes the most brilliant photos all over South Africa.

The Bold Soul – Lisa is an American living in Paris. Her blog is often very funny and she is not afraid to put forth her point of view which results in some lively exchanges in the 'comments'.
An entertaining and personal slice of life in a beautiful city!

French Windows - Gigi - Another French blog, this one by a transplanted English rose, beautifully written, very interesting, accompanied by super pictures.


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