Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Necessity is The Mother of Invention?

TLC Illustration (Silver apples of the moon – link on the right) left a lovely comment on my last post where she asked if there’s anything we can’t do? Coming from someone as talented as Tara, who’s no slouch herself, I stopped and paid attention; and it got me to thinking about why we do what we do.

I think everyone has a lot more ability than they realise. Going back a few thousand years, when man first began gathering into communities, everyone was pretty self-sufficient. There weren’t any specialists. Each little family group knew how to grow things, hunt and fish, make clothing, make rudimentary equipment and feed and house themselves. As towns developed, so did the specialists…harness makers, blacksmiths, farmers, millers…well you get the picture.

There’s a pull for many people, a desire to do something related to those original basic needs and maybe that’s why gardening is so appealing. It’s easily attainable, many people do it and there’s plenty of information for beginners out there. Cookery is also enjoying a surge in popularity, probably because everyone wants to be healthier and it’s seeping into the collective conscience that preparing our own additive-free food is one way to ensure it.

I think that deep down inside we all have the ability do just about anything, but I think we’re conditioned over centuries, to not even try. With M and I, it was pretty simple…a clear-cut case of demand but no supply. Not being able to find the things we wanted for our own home, started M on his woodwork and me on the crafts and once the first few things had been successfully completed…well, we were on our way. After that, it became second nature to just try everything and anything. Admittedly, some ventures were more successful than others. My foray into the world of knitting was an absolute disaster, producing a sweater more suited to a two armed, pin-headed octopus than a human; and a couple of scarves that could have doubled as an Anaconda warmer had I only had the presence of mind to stitch them together. But there were more successes than failures, partly due to books and later the Internet because there is one thing the modern world doesn’t lack and that is information.

So here we are, my husband and I, able to do almost anything and yet do nothing… marketable that is, except our art. And by art I mean all the varied disciplines we have dabbled in because we have discovered that there are people who appreciate well crafted, hand made, one-of-a-kind unique items. To that end, this blog has already helped me work out what the next step is going to be and that is our website. I don’t post as much as I would like because we are working very hard to provide content, both written and physical (actual stock) for our Webmasters (Twin Creations) before the site goes live next week. Once Woodendollars is up and running, I hope to be around writing more and reading all the wonderful blogs that so inspired me in the first place!

The picture is just to remind all of us dealing with unpredictable weather, spring is on the way!


Tulips growing next door


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