Tuesday, 2 January 2007

You see, it's like this...

I’ve been lurking all over the blogging world for a while now and I have been so inspired by what women are achieving; so many talented, creative, brave, awesome people out there who have got or are getting it all together! I’m just a little bit envious, I feel like I’m standing at the window watching all you other kids have fun, please can I play too?

I’m started this in an attempt to focus my (very) unfocused self into a cohesive whole – whoa - that sounds terribly formal and I don’t usually take myself so seriously! When we left the “South” and moved to Scotland, I was winding down from six months of stress related illness. Since arriving in the UK, I’ve been gainfully employed but now I must pick/choose/do one thing specific among the lovely things I’ve only played with and then stop all this wafting around, dig up some motivation and just…do it! Earning a crust, wolf from the door and all that stuff!

Regular writing has already helped me to resolve some of the health issues I was facing but I really needed to go “public” with this so that I will be disciplined and write regularly and I’m hoping for feedback. Writing has always been one way I can quieten the cacophony inside my head, so many things I’m interested in, so much still to learn, so much still to do, so much still to see. Writing it all down so that others can understand what I’m saying forces me to be logical (well, sort of). I hope this makes sense and I hope I too can contribute to this beautiful, richly textured community.


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