Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Another Big Sky Country

Scotland has been a huge revelation to us. I had no concept of how utterly, heart stoppingly beautiful it is; real 'big sky' country.
Part of the problem with living in an area of outstanding natural beauty is the tendency to think ‘this is it, I’ll never find such a place again’. We were guilty of that when we left Africa…the “it’s all downhill from here” mentality, very depressing and as it turned out, totally wrong. Sure, the first few years were grim. We’re very much open spaces people and city living was definitely not for us but as we explored further a field and one area after the other yielded more pretty villages and more lovely countryside with more and more people, we began to realise that the overcrowding is a fact of life in the modern world.
It was only after I had become ill and had to give up my job that we seriously considered going ‘rural’ and started seeking a home away from it all. Thanks to computers we have a chance to make it out here in the bundu (bush) in the second “most beautiful place on earth”! Wild Scotland, I love you!


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